Yazing is always trying to keep our image and logo fresh with the times.  The following shows a progression of how we have refreshed our image over time as well as some of the fun holiday themes we have applied to the logo.   As you can see the basic design of the logo has remained the same, but we have flattened out the 3d effects making the logo more clear and crisp.


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It was a busy day today for adding new brands to the Yazing platform!

We added Groupon Deals (up to 12% cash back / rewards), American Apparel Deals (3% cash back / rewards), Gaiam Deals (12% cash back / rewards), and Banana Republic Deals (4% cash back / rewards)

Several of these have some great current coupons and deals including 40% off from Banana Republic, a $15 Starbucks eGift Card for $10 from Groupon, 10% off from Gaiam and a 20% off Veterans Day deal today only from American Apparel!

If there are specific brands you would like to see online please let us know!

One of the comments we have heard most often from our members is that you wanted access to cashback rewards and deals from more brands.

We are excited to announce that we have recently added some great brands to the platform and have many more in the pipeline.  Please email and let us know if there is a specific brand you are looking for and we will make it a top priority.

Here are the recently added brands:
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Halloween is right around the corner, and before you know it the costumes you and your kids are looking for will be sold out again this year. It’s never too early to lock in your Halloween Costume choices, and at Yazing we offer the best way to maximize your savings with 13% cashback from Costume Kingdom plus three great Costume Kingdom Coupon Codes you can use yourself or share with your network to earn 13% commissions on their purchases as well.

Here is how Yazing’s savings for Costume Kingdom stack up to our competitors:

& Other Coupon Code Sites
Cash Saving Coupons
CashBack on Your Purchases 13% 8.5%
Commissions on Recommendations 13%

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Brookstone is one of the most popular online retailers for the holiday season. We thought it would be great as we head into the Q4 holiday season to do a quick comparison of how Yazing stacks up to the competitive options available for saving and making you money with Brookstone.

& Other Coupon Code Sites

Brookstone Cash Saving Coupons
CashBack on Your Brookstone Purchases 8% 5%
Commissions on Brookstone Recommendations 8%

Start saving and making money with Brookstone instantly by joining Yazing today!

eCampus Deals & Coupon Codes

It’s back to school time, and I just ordered some of my Son’s textbooks online.  Of course I used Yazing to grab some great savings and earn some cash back!  Here are the details of the transaction, so you can see a real world example of Yazing in action.

I placed an order for on eCampus using after logging into my Yazing account.  Here is my eCampus link: http://yazing.com/deals/ecampus.com/adam

Here are the details of my savings on my $329.79 order for Textbooks:

  • eCampus Standard Discount off Book’s Cover Price – $71.79
  • eCampus $10 off Coupon Code found on Yazing – $10.00
  • Yazing Cash Back on Purchase – $18.63
  • Total Savings via Yazing – $100.42

If you share your customized eCampus deals link with friends, on your blog, on via social media, your friends will save, and you would earn the eCampus commissions!

Joining Yazing is FREE, start saving and earning today!


Yazing makes it easy for you to get paid for sharing great deals and coupon codes online.  Here is a quick demo of how you can easily share any Brand’s deal page on Yazing via email and earn cash rewards!  Email is only one way, we make it easy to post your deals on Facebook and Twitter, and you can post your customized deal link ANYWHERE!  For making the most money, we suggest replying to people looking for deals or posting deals in places and online communities where people are looking for good deals!  Anytime a non-yazing member comes through your link and purchases, you earn the full cash reward for that purchase!

Setup your Free Yazing Account today – Join Now!



Contact: Adam Viener
Email: adam(at)yazing.com
Website: https://yazing.com

Yazing Launches Beta to Monetize Recommendations

Reston, VA – July 11, 2015 – Yazing announced today that it has officially opened its new platform for turning online recommendations into cash rewards for their initial list of pre-registered members, and is currently accepting an additional 50 to 100 more charter members this month at Yazing.com.

“We are excited to open up the platform to our first round of members” said Adam Viener, Founder of Yazing. “Mommy bloggers, brand enthusiasts, and early adopters have been posting valuable recommendations online for years; we are excited to launch our platform that will enable them to be generously compensated for the valuable transactions they are influencing”.

With a quick easy signup, Yazing members get access to promote the latest deals and coupons offered by the site’s growing list of brands. Anytime someone clicks through a Yazing member’s link and makes a purchase from one of these brands, the Yazing member earns the commission for the transaction.

Yazing’s initial list of 50 brands include Angie’s List, Brookstone, Corner Stork Baby Gifts, eCampus, Expedia, Hotels.com, KitchenAid, MyCorporation, Outdoor TechPoolProducts.com, Spartan RaceSpenser’s Gifts,  and more. The full list of initial brands and available cash rewards can be found at yazing.com/brands. Yazing plans to increase this list to thousands of brands in the near future.https://yazing.com/deals/brookstone.com/yazing

Yazing is a new startup located in Northern Virginia, and is a revolutionary platform that makes it easy to earn cash rewards recommending brands you love. Now everyone can easily turn the valuable recommendations they are making online into cash rewards!

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