As we quickly approach next week’s 4th of July celebration, we want to take this opportunity to help you declare your independence from the typical deal hunter shopping cycle.  The truth is that the average shopper considers themselves a deal hunter, happy when they find a good deal or coupon code without realizing that they are in fact being hunted.  Who’s doing the hunting?

The marketers are the real hunters.  They take the deals and coupons that the brands provide and use them as bait to lure the shoppers to the sites.  These brands and stores in turn pay the marketers cash bounties for acquiring these customers and charge that on their books as customer acquisition costs.

Yazing is your weapon for taking control and declaring your independence!  We give you access to the latest deals and coupons that all the shoppers are looking for, let you claim the cash bounties for sharing these deals and coupons with the typical shopper happy to find the deal or coupon code blissfully unaware that they are being hunted.   We also help you claim these bounties for your own purchases so you can stop being “acquired” by others.

Here are some of the deals and coupon codes that are being offered by some of our partners that you can share this 4th of July to earn your piece of the action, we will keep this page updated as more partners announce their deals.  Simply add your Yazing username to the end of each link as shown before sharing:

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