Yazing May 2016 Update – Continued Accelerated Growth

I sent our first update when we hit 1,000 members in March and this update shows how we did last month.  Yazing continues to grow rapidly and we are working hard to keep up!

As you can see by the image above, Yazing continues to see great month over month growth.  In May we saw a 73% increase in Sales for our brands, 27% increase in membership, and an 88% increase in total cash rewards earned by our members from the prior month!

Membership Update:
As of the end of May we had 1,761 active members, representing a 27% increase from April!  Here’s a quick chart of our members since we launched in October:

yazing members

Money Update:
We have already generated over $5.5 million in sales for our brands and are quickly closing in on over 100k in total cash rewards earned by our members!  In May we sent out over $21k in cash to our members, our largest batch of payments yet!

Stores/Brands Update:
Since we pass through 100% of the earned cash rewards on all of your recommendations and purchases, it is important that our brands are offering you the best available cash rewards rates.  In that vein, we continue to focus on only adding new stores that are offering our members the highest available rates and continue to negotiate higher rates from our existing stores.  There have been several recent occasions where we have dropped brands that won’t offer us the best available rates and in those cases we redirect any inbound referrals to competitive offerings to insure that all inbound links continue to be monetized.

We currently have over 400 active brands on Yazing and have recently posted the top money makers and money savers so you can see what is working for other members.  If there is a store that you shop at regularly that we are missing, please let us know and we will do our best to get it online for you.

Referrals Update:
As you probably know, you don’t need to make a purchase to make money with Yazing!  Anytime you send out or post your customized recommendation links and someone makes a transaction through those links, you earn the cash rewards for that transaction.  This is important because those inbound links not only earn you money, but also help Yazing’s monetization strategy of earning money without taking a cut of our member’s transactions.  We continue to encourage all members to share their links and earn cash rewards through recommendations.

Member Dashboard Update:
We know this is a big missing feature of Yazing and are working on it.  We hope to have this launched sometime this summer.  In the meantime we have improved our daily email transaction process to consolidate all of your daily transactions into one email and include order ID numbers for each transaction.  We appreciate your patience.  In the meantime, if you would like a copy of your current Yazing Cash Rewards Report that shows all of your pending and paid transactions, please submit a help desk ticket, and we will email it to you ASAP.

Thanks for continuing to support Yazing!  We greatly appreciate all the public and private praise we have been receiving.