Rapid Growth Continues – Yazing Q2 Update

A huge thank you to all of our members!  We appreciate your spreading the word and continuing to help Yazing grow!  The 2nd Quarter of 2016 was amazing!


We ended the 2nd Quarter with $7.3 million in sales for our brands, up 624% from the first quarter!  This came along with an 83% growth in Yazing members and 575% increase in total commissions earned by Yazing members.

Membership Update:

As of the end of June we had 2,041 active members representing an 83% increase from the end of Q1, 2016.

members chart

Money Update:

We finished Q2-2016 with $7.3 million in sales generated for our brands / stores, up 624% from Q1-2016.  Total cash rewards earned by members increased 575% in Q2-2016 with members earning over $121k in cash rewards!

Stores/Brands Update:

We currently have just over 460 brands/stores listed on Yazing.   Since we pass through 100% of the cash rewards to members for both their recommendations and purchases, it is important that we have the highest available rates available for each brand.

We continue to maintain a policy of only adding brands that are offering our members the highest commissions rates and are also starting a process to re-negotiate higher rates or remove existing brands that refuse to offer our members the highest available cash rewards rates.

Rest assured that when we remove a brand from Yazing all inbound links are automatically redirected to a competitive offer our category so that all inbound referral links continue to be monetized.

Referral Transactions Update:

Unlike other cash back sites, Yazing let’s members earn cash rewards by recommending great deals and coupons from each brand to others.  We have seen an increase in members sharing their links and earning cash rewards in this fashion and encourage all members to keep sharing links and earning money.  Continuing to get members to share links is critical to our monetization strategy and should enable us to maintain our ability to pass back 100% of the commissions on each member’s transactions.

Member Dashboard Update:

We know this is an important feature anxiously being awaited by our members.  We apologize that it is taking longer than anticipated and we want to be sure to get it right.  In the meantime please continue to feel free to email support or submit a help ticket if you want to see your current cash rewards report.

Thanks for all your continued support!