How do Yazing Members make $ on referrals?

We had a great question from a new Yazing Member today, and we thought we would share it as well as the answer because it may be on many member’s minds.


“how do the “Mommy Bloggers” or customers make $ on referrals when there is no data asked upon joining other than name and address?”


Good question, each Yazing member chooses a username when they join the platform.

Yazing partners with each brand through the brand’s affiliate program that tracks each transaction. With each click to the brand’s site, we pass the username of the person responsible for referral.  When transactions occur, the username that is associated with sale is returned to Yazing so that we can award the cash to the Yazing member responsible for the sale.

For example, if someone clicks on the following link for Brookstone – – they will see that “adam” referred them.  When they click on a shop now link, the member name “adam” will be passed and recorded with the transaction.

Payments will be made to members to their email address via paypal.  Until the backend accounting system is finished, earned commissions will be sent to members via email notifications.

If you have any other questions that are on your mind, please let us know!  You can find more frequently asked questions and ask your own in our help center at