Saved over $100 with Yazing and eCampus!

It’s back to school time, and I just ordered some of my Son’s textbooks online.  Of course I used Yazing to grab some great savings and earn some cash back!  Here are the details of the transaction, so you can see a real world example of Yazing in action.

I placed an order for on eCampus using after logging into my Yazing account.  Here is my eCampus link:

Here are the details of my savings on my $329.79 order for Textbooks:

  • eCampus Standard Discount off Book’s Cover Price – $71.79
  • eCampus $10 off Coupon Code found on Yazing – $10.00
  • Yazing Cash Back on Purchase – $18.63
  • Total Savings via Yazing – $100.42

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